Thursday, September 14, 2006

Really, Rosie?

On her debut on The View on Tuesday, Sept. 12, actress, comedienne, and lesbian activist Rosie O'Donnell promptly put her foot in her mouth. During a discussion on terrorism Rosie made the startling claim that "radical Christianity is as threatening as radical Islam". And the audience applauded!

I found out about this on The O'Reilly Factor last night. I was shocked but also glad that Rosie said what she said. Her statement equating "radical" Christianity and Islam clearly reveals the anti-Christian bigotry of today's liberals, their slavish committment to political correctness, and their total lack of understanding of the conflict facing America and the West.

Modern liberals don't like Christians or Christianity. They'll vigorously deny that, but Rosie outed them on national tv. Of course, Rosie's problem with Christians stems from her lesbianism. She doesn't want anyone judging her lifestyle and Bible-believing Chrisitians are outspoken in their condemnation of homosexuality and other sins that are demanding public approval. Gays are even demanding that the Church approve of their sexuality, regardless of what the Bible actually says, and launch hateful accusations of intolerance and "homophobia" at any church that doesn't comply.

Yes, some Christians are harsh in their presentation of Biblical truth on homosexuality, and some Christians really do hate gays. Maybe Rosie had them in mind when she made her shocking statement on The View. But calling homosexuality sin, as the Bible says it is, is NOT hate. Conservative, Bible-believing Christians also believe that adultery is sin, yet no one ever accuses them of hating adulterers. It's only calling homosexuality sinful that's condemned as hate.

Rosie's devotion to normalizing her lesbianism has clouded her judgment on Christianity and America's war against militant Islam. Frighteningly, a lot of people share her warped thinking, as shown by the audience's applause, and a lot of them want to be elected. We can't afford to have such people in charge of America's survival, which is what's really at stake in this monumental conflict. It's up to Christians and Christianists to make sure they never will be.

Sorry, Rosie.