Sunday, June 10, 2012

Women of Valor

Here we are, just a couple weeks out from Memorial Day.  Memorial Day, of course, is the holiday where we remember those who've given their lives in defense of freedom.  Dwelling on the meaning of the day I got to thinking about the women of valor in the Bible.  Yes, there are women of valor in the Good Book, but most people don't know about them.  I want to change that state of affairs by starting a new series called "Women of Valor" here on Ragamuffin Faith.  Periodically I will write posts on women in the Bible who showed great courage in standing up for their beliefs, defending their people, defending their faith, and doing what's right.  I'm not doing this to try and be "modern" and subordinate the faith to the spirit of feminism.  Rather, I'm starting this series just to highlight a neglected "niche" in the body of Christ and to enhance believers' lives with the lessons each of these women of valor can teach us.  So, I hope you, dear readers, like the series, and I hope it will be greatly edifying for you.  We need to know about God's brave women, His women of valor, and we need to learn from them.  For who knows?  The day may come when we will be called upon to be women of valor, too.