Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quotable Quotes: Faith

"The idea that nothing is true except what we comprehend is silly." Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Magazine Review: SALT Magazine

A few days ago I was surfing the 'net for "alternative" Christian magazines and I stumbled upon one called SALT. It sounded interesting so I sent for a free sample copy. Last week the June issue of SALT arrived in my mailbox and I've been reading it with delight ever since.

SALT magazine is not your typical glossy consumer Christian magazine like Charisma or Christianity Today (althought there's nothing wrong with those). Rather, SALT is a labor of love published by Christian couple Jim and Cindy McDermott, who have 12--count 'em 12!--children. With all those kids, who are homeschooled, you wonder how the McDermotts find the time to do anything for Jesus and their fellow Christians, but they do. And I, for one, am really glad.

When I read SALT I get the distinct feeling that the writers, the McDermotts and others, really believe what they're saying and strive to practice what they preach. Their writing has a sincerity that I don't see in mainstream Christian mags. The McDermotts truly trust in God and His Word and, on many issues, their publication offers viewpoints that even professed Christians will find decidedly unworldly.

The articles in my issue of SALT vary from celebrating bold preaching to encouraging Christians in self-control, but the bulk of them center on family life. My favorite family article is "Addicted to Adultescence" about the growing trend of young people avoiding adulthood by, among other things, living with Mom and Dad and delaying marriage. This article was so well written and entertaining that I was shocked to discover that the authors, Alex and Brett Harris, are teenagers! I hope they will be writing for future issues of SALT.

I also enjoy the quotes columns. The quotations are very enlightening and come from an interesting variety of sources. The quotes are grouped into the following categories: education quotes, home management quotes, counterculture quotes, and political quotes. These columns alone are worth the price of the subscription. All and all, I think SALT is a gem of a magazine. I'm definitely going to subscribe and I can't wait for my next issue!

For a 12-issue subscription to SALT send $24 to: SALT, 2131 W. Republic Rd. #177, Springfield, MO 65807, or go to the website @ I'm sure you'll enjoy SALT as much as I do.