Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and may you have a wonderfully blessed New Year!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Looking Out for Me?

I'm not sure, but I think that God was looking out for me yesterday.

Yesterday an artic blast brought freezing rain, sleet, and snow to my part of the Lone Star state. I'm deathly afraid of driving on ice, but the day care center where I work was open so I had to go in. The drive to work turned out to be fine, with just some rain on the roads; it was the drive home that I began to dread. The weather forecast called for falling temps, then sleet and snow to start around noon and I just knew that the rain on the streets would freeze into a sheet of ice. I was terrified of having to drive on that when I got off work at 6:30 at night. But then something happened and I don't know whether to credit God or luck.

I went on my lunch break at noon and just as the forecast predicted it started sleeting. Fortunately the sleet wasn't sticking to the ground but that didn't quiet my fear. Then at 1:00 I got a call from my boss saying that one of my two babies had gone home early and the other one would be taken care of by the toddler teacher. I could go home!!!!!!!! I was overjoyed. I immediately let out a "Thank you, Jesus!", but almost as soon as I said it I began to have doubts. Did Jesus really do this for me, or was it just luck?

I certainly don't want to look a divine gift horse in the mouth, but I've had so much disappointment with God that I'm afraid of reading too much into what happened yesterday. I also don't want to read too little into it, either. I know that God knew how terrified I was of having to drive on ice, but did He really intervene to save me from that trauma? I mean, I hadn't prayed for His intervention. I was constantly worrying about the drive home and I know that God knows our minds, so did He choose of His own volition to change a situation that He knew I was scared of? I just don't know.

Some people may think that I should just credit this change of plans to God and be done with it. They may have a point. After all, the universe can't read our minds and I know I certainly didn't cause one of my babies to leave early. I couldn't have predicted, let alone arranged, that if my life depended on it. So maybe it was God and I should just accept His kind gesture and be grateful. I just wish I could know for sure, but if I could know for sure it wouldn't be faith, would it? I'm so confused. If anyone has any suggestions on how I should view what happened to me yesterday I'd love to hear them. I'd really like to know why I should attribute yesterday's change of plans to God rather then blind luck. Come on believers, help me out.