Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bleeding Bride

I' ve felt for a long time that Christians have done themselves and the culture a great disservice by abandoning the entertainment world. Yes, I know there are Christian rock bands out there but most of them seem content to confine, or allow others to confine, themselves to the Christian "ghetto" and just preach to the choir. I strongly believe that Christians need to form "secular" bands that reveal and support the Christian worldview in a more "natural" way; and I've got a killer name for such aband: Bleeding Bride.

Cool, huh? I got the name from the lyrics to an Alice Cooper song (Alice, btw, is a Christian). As you might know, the name is a reference to the proof of her virginity given by the bride on her wedding night. C'mon, you know what I'm talking about. I'm not goth, but I think Bleeding Bride would be the perfect name for an all girl, Christian goth band. I know there has to be some talented Christian goth girls out there who are longing to rock out for Jesus and bring the light of Biblical morality to the world. Feel free to use this name; it's yours. Now go get your guitars and ROCK!!!!!